What Are the Requirements to Become a Life Insurance Agent?

What Are the Requirements to Become a Life Insurance Agent?

The occupation of insurance sales agents is expected to grow through 2030, indicating an increased interest in pursuing a career in insurance.There are different types of insurance. Life insurance is one type of insurance that some might want to sell. If you’re interested in becoming a licensed life insurance agent, the process varies depending on the state you live in and the state (or states) where you want to sell life insurance. You must apply for a life insurance license in each state that you want to sell life insurance in. The following are general requirements to becoming a licensed life insurance agent.

Requirement 1: High school diploma or equivalent

To earn your life insurance license, you must be at least 18 years old. Some states might also require that you have a high school diploma or an equivalent to qualify for the life insurance exam (see Requirement 3).2 While it isn’t necessary to have a college education to become a life insurance agent, companies or agencies may seek candidates who have a bachelor’s degree or knowledge in the business or communications fields.3 Strong communication and analytical thinking skills may help you effectively identify and discuss appropriate policies with clients.

Requirement 2: Training

Some states require training or pre-licensing education before taking the life insurance exam.2 The cost and number of hours differ by state, so you should check with the Department of Insurance of the state(s) where you want to sell life insurance, to review the training requirements and life insurance licensing rules. You can also check the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website, which can help you locate rules and fees by state.

Requirement 3: Exam

In order to sell life insurance you will need to pass an insurance licensing exam in your resident state, and possibly in other states where you want to sell life insurance. You should check with your state’s Department of Insurance, or the Department of Insurance of any non-resident state where you want to sell life insurance, to go over exam qualifications. The Department of Insurance website for that state should have cost information and scheduling options for taking the exam. You should give yourself plenty of time to study in advance.

Requirement 4: Background check/Identity verification

Before applying for a license you may be asked to provide a form of identity verification. In some states, only a background check is necessary. In other states, fingerprinting is a mandatory part of the process. For instance, if you are applying for a license to sell life insurance not exceeding $25,000 in Texas, you may have to provide a fingerprint background check along with the license application.4

Once you have met all requirements of the state (or states) in which you want to sell life insurance, you can apply for a license. Whether the process of becoming a life insurance agent is a long or short journey for you, it could lead to a career full of opportunity with the potential for growth.

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