Do I Need a College Degree to be an Insurance Agent?

Do I Need a College Degree to be an Insurance Agent?

No matter who you are or where you live, you’ve heard about insurance agents. But what exactly is an insurance agent, and how do you become one?

To summarize, an insurance agent is defined as a person who sells insurance policies to customers. Insurance policies come in all shapes, sizes, and kinds – and as an insurance agent, you may work for a company or as an independent broker.1 There are a number of ways to sell insurance, and a number of different types of insurance you can sell with proper training and licensing. However, there are some qualifications you have to meet.

Do I need a college degree to be an insurance agent?

No, you don’t need a college degree to become an insurance agent. While a college degree isn’t required to become an insurance agent, that doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful.2 In fact, having a college degree may help improve your chances of becoming a successful agent. For example, a graduate in psychology may have an easier time navigating some of the tricky human behaviors present in making a sale. All in all, while a degree isn’t required in order to qualify and become an insurance agent, it certainly won’t hurt you.

What do I need to become an insurance agent?

No matter where you are, the basic requirements for becoming an insurance agent are pretty much the same. Prospective agents will typically need to be 18 years-old and have a high school diploma or equivalent to start the process.2

You meet the basic requirements…now what?

Depending on your state, there may be different types of qualifications for becoming an insurance agent. Generally speaking, each prospective agent will have to pass a background check before moving forward in the process. After passing a background check, agents typically need to complete a pre-licensing training, pay a small fee, and pass a licensing exam.3 If you meet all the basic requirements, pass your background test, complete pre-training, pay any fee required, and pass your licensing exam, you should be ready to start your journey as an insurance agent.

Starting a career in the insurance world can be an exciting time, which is why it’s important to have an understanding of the requirements for pursuing such a career before you start. Whether you’re a college graduate looking for work, out of high school, or someone looking to move to another career path, knowing what you need to do to qualify as an insurance agent can help make your journey easier. Good luck!

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