3 Reasons Why You Should Work for Globe Life

3 Reasons Why You Should Work for Globe Life

Making a career change isn't a decision made lightly. Whether you're just starting out in the professional world, or you're preparing for your second act in life, knowing where you want to invest your time, energy, and talents is a choice you should make after weighing your options. If your aim is to grow in a rewarding career the weight of supporting and protecting your family can make moving from one career pathway to another a bit daunting, to say the least.

But for those who are looking to truly make an impact in the lives of others by offering protection and security in the most vulnerable time in a family's life, there are few more rewarding careers than supporting the life and health insurance industry.

How can you know that a career in the life and health insurance industry is right for you – and furthermore, how can you know Globe Life And Accident Insurance is the place for you to follow your career path? Here are three reasons why.

Reason #1: Longevity

Globe Life isn't a new company, and our track record of providing superior service for our customers is proven. To put it plainly, we're an established company with our roots as far back as 1900. We've seen the ups and downs of this country and have evolved along with the times. One thing that's stayed the same – our commitment to protecting and supporting families who have entrusted us with their futures. That's why we have several team members who are celebrating their fifth decade working with us.

Reason #2: Innovation, Creativity, and Teamwork

At Globe Life, we believe in investing in our people. That's why we support continuing education and training and development for our team members. Also, we have health and wellness programs alongside community outreach programs as core tenets of our organization. We promote innovate and creative thinking and value contributions from Globe Life employees. We pride ourselves on a collaborative, team-oriented environment.

Reason #3: A Career and a Mission

When you're part of Globe Life, you're part of making tomorrow better. So when you work with us, you're not just taking another job, but you're starting a career… a mission. That's why more people choose life insurance from Globe Life than any other insurance provider in the U.S.* There's something special about knowing your work is helping protect millions of people across the nation. 1

When you work in health insurance, you're an integral part of families' future planning. So, it matters that you work with the best. In fact, A.M, Best Company, an independent insurance analyst since 1899, awarded Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company with an A+ Superior (as of 7/19) based on their latest analysis of financial strength.1 If you're ready to join a team that's committed to making a difference in the lives of the people they serve, then consider Globe Life. We're here, we're making tomorrow better.

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1. Globe Life, Getting Started Now With a New Agent Career Opportunity at Globe Life, 2020

* Excluding reinsurance companies