What is it Like to Be a Globe Life Intern

What is it Like to Be a Globe Life Intern

Job interning is one of the best ways to explore your potential career path and learn more about how a company operates. Globe Life has an eight-week summer internship program. Most interns are students in their last two years of college looking for real work experience aligned with their university studies.

Want to explore how your degree in finance might look in the real world by shadowing the investment financial team?

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Are you studying marketing, and interested in seeing how all the areas of marketing fit together to create a finished product?

Perhaps you are pre-law and want insight about corporate law.

While your classmates may be taking the summer off to relax, applying for a working internship may give you an edge in beginning your career:

Globe Life Internship Opportunities

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Actuarial Science
  • Customer Service
  • Enterprise Leads
  • Human Resources
  • Information Security
  • Information Technology
  • Investments
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Travel and Event Planning

The benefits of an internship

Higher education provides a foundational learning environment. You learn to think critically, defend a hypothesis, or program software.

An internship provides you with the opportunity to translate your classroom lectures to real work experience.

You will be assigned work related to your major and the department you work within.

Learn how business in a company is conducted

Spending time at Globe Life’s headquarters in McKinney, Texas, is a great opportunity to see how business is conducted every day in a large corporation. You have the experience of working side-by-side with professionals in their field, while also learning about the culture of the company.

Learn some new technology

As you develop in your career, you will likely need to learn how certain technology related to your field works. If you end up working for a large corporation, you will likely be tasked with working with various software applications and programs on a daily basis.

At Globe Life, you may have the opportunity to gain experience working with specific software which may be the competitive edge you need for applying for jobs in your career sector.

Make new connections and friendships as an intern

Company internships are a great place to make professional connections and friendships. The Globe Life internship program may involve working in your major or desired field, meeting with leadership, working in team business projects, and having fun!

Onboarding week includes attending a Texas Rangers baseball game at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. You will enjoy snacks and treats while watching a home game in the owner’s suite with a great view of home base.

Other activities include networking events, workshops on communication and psychological work safety. Group projects are often assigned where teams will work together to solve a real business issue, and the final solution will be presented with the potential of the team earning cash prizes.

Globe Life internship is also a place to chat directly with the leadership of the Company. This includes managers, directors, all the way up to Executive Vice Presidents, and CEOs. Globe Life interns report having lunch with the CEOs was one of their favorite parts of their time here.

In some cases, internships sometimes turn into potential jobs. It’s a possible foot in the door to a company you have worked for. A weekly speaker series is held for Globe Life interns. In the past, the series has presented topics of resume building and social media branding.

After eight weeks of your Globe Life internship, a final dinner celebration is typically arranged. You will have learned new skills, gathered valuable information, and made new connections, which will help you in your pursuit of a new career after graduation.

Globe Life has a limited number of internship positions available. Apply today. Go to the career page, and search internship jobs.

We hope to see you this summer!