The Inside Scoop on Being a Globe Life Intern

The Inside Scoop on Being a Globe Life Intern
Eager, curious, and a little anxious – internships can make or break your final college memories, so those feelings are inevitable. However, internships are one of the most important phases you can experience as you transition from college to the real world. They equip you with the knowledge, practice, tools, and tips you need to successfully go out and find yourself your first job in your chosen career path.
Interning at Globe Life is a good balance between work and play. Not only do the Globe Life companies issue more life insurance than any other company in the country, but we’re also the Official Life Insurance of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys.

Who We Serve

Helping provide working families protection against the unexpected is a responsibility we don’t take lightly as a life insurance company. Our products and services help families who are suffering focus on healing or grieving – their lights will stay on and food will be on the table because they have proper insurance coverage that helps with life’s unexpected curveballs.
We have a field force of entrepreneurial agents who connect our company to the people who need us most. By doing so, our agents serve their local communities while building a secure and potentially lucrative business of their own. Globe Life provides agents with the tools and resources needed to be successful.
From our agents to our policyholders, customer service representatives to CEOs, we’re a family at Globe Life. As an intern, here’s a sneak peek at what it means to be a part of the Globe Life family.

Learning & Experience

From day one, you’re meeting with your direct manager or supervisor as well as the team you’ll be working with. As you can imagine, collaboration on group projects in school are often different than in the workplace. That’s part of the experience! You’ll want to connect with your team to learn as much as possible since they will likely be the ‘go-to’ for your daily questions.
Even if you’re not interning for your ideal role or department, you’ll be surrounded by subject matter experts that have tons of experience in the field you’re considering. Stay curious and ask a lot of questions.  
Tip: Observe each team member’s strength so you can remember who to go to for questions in that area. For example, if you’re a HR intern and in charge of communicating an event, you’ll want to know who has the strongest relationship with Marketing so you can better understand what you need to do and who to work with.
Working with an enterprise as large as Globe Life, it’s crucial to understand the Company’s mission and what role your team/department plays in carrying out that mission. Seeing your work from this larger lens will help you think big and bring new ideas to the table – a staple of being a Globe Life intern.  It will also spark curiosity about the roles of other interns and their departments – but we’ll touch on that more in a minute.

Networking & Events

With access to hundreds of successful professionals, networking will organically happen every single day. Meeting managers in the lunch line, chatting with coworkers on your daily walk, working with IT on a lengthy project – these are all opportunities to engaged with people who have knowledge, experience, and connections to your considered field.
If you’re looking for something more, the Globe Life internship also includes “suite life” games – watching the Texas Rangers play at Globe Life Field in the Company’s suite (stocked with complimentary food and drinks!).
Don’t worry about striking out at the game: You’ll have more networking opportunities at the various dinners and outings hosted by Globe Life throughout the summer, like steak house dinners or bowling.

Exposure to High-Level Executives

Making a lasting impression on anyone with “executive” or “vice” in their title should be considered a huge win for your internship.
Executives, c-suite, chief level – there are many ways to say it, but this level of leadership embodies confidence, competence, commitment, and authenticity in the workplace.
The advantage of being an intern is the exposure to our executive leadership at Globe Life. Not only will you be talking and engaging with Vice Presidents and Chief Officers, but you’ll actually get to create a project and present your ideas to a round table full of the Company’s greatest leaders.
While it may seem nerve-racking at first, this kind of practice will be helpful as you transition into the workplace and learn how to communicate your ideas and goals in a professional and influential way.
Efficient and effective by nature, this level of leadership can give you a unique perspective and great experience to share with future employers.

Project with Cash Prize

Every year, Globe Life interns from different departments come together to create and pitch a new idea that can help the Company. While the prompts and parameters of the project change every year, you’ll have all summer to collaborate with your fellow interns, department heads, and other coworkers in the office to flesh out ideas and form a presentation. The presentation will be judged by a round table of senior executives who will then score your work. Depending on how many interns there are, the top groups can get cash prizes at the end of the internship!
The project allows you to expand your mind as an outsider looking in, network with colleagues from all different fields, and gives you the opportunity to bring your skills and expertise to the table – like a true professional!

Competitive Compensation

We’ve all felt the horror – while browsing internship descriptions, you come across the perfect role for a company that looks really great. And then you see it: “for credit only” or “compensation available,” which is even more unclear than not getting paid at all.
Any college student looking for an internship will be relieved to find out Globe Life pays their interns above market average (Indeed cites the average salary for an intern in 2020 at $15.63 per hour in the United States)1. Globe Life understands the importance of interns’ work and fair compensation is a foundation to ensuring you are an equal member of the Globe Life family.

Beyond Internship

Interns come and go with the summer, but Globe Life interns leave with the knowledge, experience, and confidence needed to land a “big kid” job in the real world. Globe Life proudly trained interns who now work for T-Mobile, Gates Corporation, State Farm, and more.
Globe Life also values promoting within and has hired many interns after their contract expires, some are even in management now.
Just like Greek life, art clubs, or any college event, you get out what you put in with an internship. Enjoying your internship with excitement, curiosity, and resilience is the best way to reap all the benefits of your short time with us.
We hire interns who are looking to roll up their sleeves, but also enjoy the process. Our mission is to serve not only our policyholders and agents, but our community too. The Globe Life internship program is designed specifically for your growth and success – you’ll have fun, learn a lot, and meet unique people along the way. Most importantly, you’ll end the summer with new experiences, knowledge, and insights that will help your determine what’s next. Because at Globe Life, we help make tomorrow better.
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