Does Globe Life Have Agents?

Does Globe Life Have Agents?
There are many different career paths you can take in life, but for those looking to make what they’re worth and set their own schedule, a career as a life insurance agent may be particularly appealing. There are many different life insurance companies to work for, however, in this blog we will be discussing life insurance career opportunities with Globe Life.

Does Globe Life have life insurance agents?

Globe Life has been in the life insurance business since 1900, and providing careers to life insurance agents for more than 120 years. Prospective life insurance agents have the opportunity to work as a life insurance agent for any one of Globe Life’s companies, let’s explore some of your career options with us.

Liberty National Division

Liberty National Division has been helping protect families with their life insurance products for more than a century. Priding ourselves in our stability, flexibility, competitive income, and positive Company culture, Liberty National Division provides our agents the tools needed to pursue their dreams and succeed. If you’re passionate about helping others and find yourself with a competitive streak, Liberty National Division may be the right choice for you.
Find out more about Liberty National Division here.

Family Heritage Division

Family Heritage Division is known for its honest and humble roots. Founded out of a small house in Ohio in 1989, Family Heritage Division is best known for its legacy of helping protect Americans while fostering a positive family atmosphere. If helping others is your first, second, and third priority, then a career as a Family Heritage Division life insurance agent may be for you. Not only do we give back to our community, we give back to our agents with impressive bonus incentives and residual income opportunities.
Find out more about Family Heritage Division here.
There are a wealth of options available to you as a prospective life insurance agent with Globe Life. For more information on Globe Life agent openings, head to

What does a life insurance agent do?

Having insight into career expectations as a life insurance agent is a great way to determine if this career is for you. While there may be some nuances when it comes to responsibilities depending on the company you decide to work for as a life insurance agent, most life insurance agents have very similar responsibilities and roles. Here are some things you can expect from your career as a life insurance agent.
Your main role as a life insurance agent will be helping people prepare for the unexpected by providing them with a life insurance policy that fits their needs. However, your responsibilities don’t end there. As a life insurance agent, you have other responsibilities you need to fulfill to sell effectively, including:
  • Providing insurance purchasing advice to clients
  • Providing good customer service to maintain and retain your client base
  • Expanding your customer base
  • Maintaining electronic and paper records
  • Assisting clients with the claims process
  • Recruiting new talent

About Globe Life

Deciding on a career as a life insurance agent is an exciting point in your life. However, perhaps just as important as knowing what you want out of a career is knowing what you want from the company you represent. Here are some reasons Globe Life may be the right fit for an upcoming life insurance agent like yourself:
  • You like to help others - Globe Life is committed to empowering its customers with effective products designed to help secure their financial future.
  • You like to be in control of your life - Globe Life provides its life insurance agents with the ability to set their own schedules, earn their worth, and create a legacy of success.
  • You want to work for an established and trusted insurance provider - The Globe Life companies issue more life insurance policies and have more policyholders than any other life insurance company in the country.*
  • You believe in doing good business - Globe Life has been awarded an A (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best Company, an independent insurance analyst since 1899, based on their latest analysis of financial strength, management skills, and integrity (as of 8/22).
*Excluding reinsurance companies

Ready to work for Globe Life?

At Globe Life, we are ready to welcome you with open arms. Make sure to explore life insurance career opportunities with Globe Life companies  before reaching a decision. No matter which of the Globe Life companies you decide to start your career as a life insurance agent with the Globe Life brand behind you.
Let’s discuss your career options. Head to to learn more about our career opportunities and apply for an opening.