Selling Life Insurance: Tips for Agents

Selling Life Insurance: Tips for Agents

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds." Frances Bacon

You may be at a point in your life where you want to create more opportunities for your life’s work. Selling life insurance may be the solution to creating more opportunities. Sales is a career choice with unlimited opportunities.

In this article, let’s explore the tips for being a successful insurance agent and where these opportunities can take you!

The Opportunity of Sales:

Selling life insurance is a promising career for those who are willing to work hard and learn from their mentors. Successful insurance companies are only as successful as their agents.

The bulk of selling life insurance is about building trust and respect. Commit to building trust and respect through your actions: to your clients, other agents, and team members.

Finding the right fit in an insurance company is as important as the type of insurance you sell.

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Look for these winning combinations in a company:

  • Financial stability – The history and financial growth of the company is important as a foundation of building your own success. Check out the financial ratings and steady growth of the company.
  • Products the company provides – Not all insurance products and services are alike. Would you be excited about selling these to individuals and companies? Are they quality products?
  • A fair and equitable commission structure for your business.
  • The ability to move up in leadership positions.
  • Training is consistently the same for all new agents. Everyone learns the same system for success. Also, the company invests in training for career progress and leadership.
  • The company recognizes and rewards agents.

You create good habits.

As a result of being self-employed, it is important to create good working habits. Creating good selling habits includes how you structure your workday.

Creating good habits can become the key to your success:

  • Plan your day and appointments.
  • Get up every day and work your plan.
  • Keep your appointments.
  • Educate people and inform then so they can make good decisions.
  • Actively listen to prospective clients’ needs so you can help them

In creating good habits, you won’t waver on a day that might feel hard or difficult. You go forward and remember you make opportunities - every day!

Your life gets more intentional.

There is something to be said about creating good intentions in your life. In fact, researchers find people who set goals, review them regularly, and work on them are 10 times more successful than their counterparts.1

  1. Find the right goals for you.
  2. Put goals in writing.
  3. Self-commit to your plans.
  4. Be specific about your goals and outcome.
  5. Stretch for difficult goals.
  6. Seek feedback and support.2

​You are challenged every day.

Resilience and persistence are cornerstones of selling. Successful people expect challenges and when what appears as a roadblock happens, they focus on solutions. They ignore what they can’t change and work on the solutions they can change.

Learning from challenges and failures is an opportunity that develops you and your business.

Celebrate your wins.

Taking time to celebrate your wins is important. Take these moments to recognize your hard work. Celebrating others’ success is also part of the process of success. Give yourself and others recognition which inspires everyone to reach for higher level goals.

You build long-lasting relationships with your team, other agents, and clients.

Though you are an independent, licensed insurance professional, the people you work with include successful mentors who are leaders in the company. Connecting with leaders, agency owners, and fellow agents creates a long-term community of positive relationships.

Selling life insurance can become a life-long fulfillment:

Selling life insurance is not an easy job. It requires consistent commitment, good work habits, and a drive for overcoming obstacles. It can also create purpose in your life with helping policyholders protect their loved ones’ futures.

Selling life insurance can create financial freedom for you and your family. If you talk to people who have made a career out of selling insurance, nine times out of 10, you will find someone who says they got more out of their career than they put in – a lifetime of rewards.

There are more tips, training, and potential opportunities in selling life insurance. Contact a licensed insurance agent about building a business selling insurance.


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