What is the Best Part of Being A Globe Life Agent?

What is the Best Part of Being A Globe Life Agent?

The Best of Both Worlds

What type of career gives you the best of two worlds? What career gives you the autonomy of being your own boss and creating your own financial well-being, while also being part of a large company that supports you with training, mentoring, and potential bonuses and rewards?

It’s being a Globe Life agent!

At Globe Life, you have the best of both worlds.

As an independently contracted agent, you define your schedule, the rate of your success, and the potential of your financial opportunities and earnings.

Meanwhile, leading life insurance agents are ready to mentor you toward your success. Agency Directors and Agency Owners are independently contracted agents who manage and guide agent teams. They’ll take you under their wings, as you become a part of their team with meetings, marketing resources, and a chance to participate in sales campaigns and incentives.

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The Best Reputation

Globe Life has decades of experience in the insurance industry.1 The Company has earned a solid and respected position in the market along with developing training systems and products that give a new agent the edge needed for building a foundation toward success.

Globe Life Inc. has top-rated financial strength ratings. The Company is consistently rated by independent financial agencies such as A.M. Best Company, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Better Business Bureau in the A to A+ category.1A.M. Best Company rated Globe Life, Inc. - A Excellent (August 2022)

Being an independently contracted agent at a large successful company has its perks, including some of the following: 

  • You build credibility and trust with your clients backed by Globe Life’s reputation.
  • Globe Life creates informational and engaging marketing campaigns which help drive business for independently contracted agents.
  • Your home office has a team of people ready to give superior customer service to your clients and assist in filing claims.
  • There are many events to participate in throughout the year. Some of these are based on performance. There are annual sales conventions, charity, volunteer opportunities, and attending sporting events.
  • Continual learning includes live webinars, online training, and for agents who want to aspire to manage other agents, Globe Life University.
  • You choose what type of life and supplemental health insurance you want to sell. Within Globe Life Inc. are different subsidiary companies which allows you to find the right fit in helping people and selling a variety of insurance products. 

The Best Training

Globe Life University was built to create a solid foundation of learning for agents. Globe Life University teaches new agents how to recruit and lead. Advanced courses are provided for agents who want to advance to the top of leadership.

Globe Life University invests in building agents who desire to lead their own team someday. The courses are held at Globe Life’s headquarters in McKinney, Texas. It is an opportunity to learn from the top leaders of the Company. It is a chance to get up close with the top leaders and ask questions while enjoying lunches and dinners together.

Training comes in other forms as well – webinars regarding products and services, online training, and local meetings.

Bonuses and awards

Each division of Globe Life has contests, events, and opportunities to earn bonuses and awards.

Each division hosts an annual convention for its highest performing agents. In the past, annual conventions have been held in scenic locations, both domestically and internationally. The convention is a great way to celebrate personal and team victories and meet new people.

Make Tomorrow Better

It’s wonderful to feel success and accomplishment being your own boss, but there's a bigger picture and value representing Globe Life as an agent. Make Tomorrow Better is a company attitude and program built for helping communities. Several charity events and volutnteer programs are lead each year in helping individuals and families through losses and health challenges.

The Company continually offers many insurance products that are designed to help hard working people protect their loved ones from financial stress in the future.

Globe Life has many choices

Globe Life comprises several subsidiaries, including:

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Globe Life gives back to the community

Globe Life invests in helping underserved people in the community in conjunction with national non-profit organizations. Throughout the country, Agency Owners and teams, corporate employees, and the divisional groups are engaged in many acts of giving and supporting the underserved.

It might be feeding a large community of the underserved, or building a home, or working with a non-profit in the fight against human trafficking. Several times throughout the year, agents contribute to campaigns raising money for a worthy cause.

What is the best part of being a Globe Life agent? All of the above!

Be the best part of Globe Life by being the best you as a Globe Life agent.