The Positive Social Impact of a Career in Insurance Sales

The Positive Social Impact of a Career in Insurance Sales

You can make a positive social impact through a career in insurance sales. The definition of social impact is the positive effects of an individual or organization’s actions on people and the community on a local or global scale.1

Creating jobs for others through recruiting

“Don’t wait for opportunity: create it.” George Bernard Shaw

Today’s job market is competitive. Inflation and living expenses are rising.2 How do you prepare for the future? How do you stand out as someone who can move up a career ladder and continue success?

Don’t wait for opportunities - create them for yourself and others. A career in insurance sales is a career with virtually unlimited earning potential. As an agent, you can have an influence in recruiting agents. By doing so, you are giving others the opportunity to elevate their careers and make a positive impact on those in their circle of influence.

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Imagine advancing your career and bringing others onboard to build a team. What kind of impact could this make in your life, in the lives of those you recruit, and the families you help protect? It can be unlimited if you choose to train hard and work hard.

Helping hard-working families

At Globe Life, our focus is helping hardworking people financially protect their families. People appreciate when you have their needs in mind, and being an insurance agent can be rewarding and fulfilling as you help people with financial security when the unexpected happens.

Creating stability and supporting the local economy

Most people don’t start a career with the intention of creating a legacy. Many people buy items to make their lives comfortable and build savings for a rainy day. In insurance sales, you hear agents consistently talk about building a legacy. A legacy has long-lasting value and can be handed down from generation to generation or to a group of people. 

Here are ideas for building a legacy in insurance:

  1. Insurance sales generate residual income through insurance renewals.

  2. Agents may become Agency Owners who contract other agents, helping to grow wealth for all involved.

  3. Agents also may bring in family members and friends who can benefit from a career in insurance sales.

  4. Agents can live anywhere in the USA. Some may be in large cities, and others may choose more rural areas, supporting the local economy and serving people in these communities.

  5. Successful agents may have the ability to create financial stability for their families, and perhaps succeeding generations.

All the above contribute to creating stability and supporting the local economy.

Helping Make Tomorrow Better

Our purpose-driven mission is to help families Make Tomorrow Better by working to protect their financial future. We proudly partner with non-profit organizations that support youth, family, veterans, military, education, health, and seniors. Within these areas of focus, the non-profit organizations we partner with support underserved communities, individuals facing food insecurity, at-risk youth, and health advocacy. 

Our customers inspire us to put the needs of others first. Whether it’s through volunteering, supporting financially with donations, or spreading awareness, we are dedicated to serving our communities.

Below are a few organizations we partner with often:

  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation - Funding impactful research, raising awareness, and supporting families of children with cancer
  • Make A Wish - Grants wishes for children with critical illnesses.
  • American Heart Association – Fighting heart disease and stroke
  • Meals on Wheels  – Combatting hunger and isolation in disabled and older adults

In 2023, Globe Life, our agency offices, and employees collectively donated more than $4.11 million to help Make Tomorrow Better, where we live, work, visit, and serve.

Creating choices regardless of your background

Work for yourself and associate with a company that offers choices. It’s one of those rare opportunities where nothing is virtually holding you back from making the possibility of success in the insurance industry, not a college degree, or a certain location, or your age (as long as you are 18 years or older). With the right amount of training, applying yourself every day, and persistence, a career in insurance sales can be rewarding.

You can make a social impact by choosing a career in insurance sales. One of the ways to measure social impact is by how many people are affected by your actions. How many people would you like to include as part of a positive impact in your community? How far do you want the ripple effect of your good intentions and work to spread?

Contact a licensed insurance agent and get started on creating a positive social impact for yourself and others.