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Globe Life is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service. Our dedication to you and your family has helped make us one of the most trusted life insurance providers to date.

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I have life insurance for my family with Globe Life and I must say it was so easy and stress-free getting everything set up. The agents are very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend getting life insurance through them. My main reason being their prices, they are awesome and a low cost to me. Having that peace of mind and knowing my kids can take over their policies later in life is a plus as well. — Elizabeth G.
Just wanted to say that I prayed I would never have to use your services for our loved one, but unfortunately our loved one was taken from us at an early age. This is the most difficult thing we have ever had to deal with, but the burden of the expense of the funeral was lifted due to the Globe Life [policy] and the ease of receiving and paying the cost of the funeral. Thank you. — Edna W.
I was assisted by Lori [P.], who was above exceptional. She made me feel comfortable and she walked me through the application process with exceptional professionalism and an appreciated touch of humanity. I can't say enough about her. I am so appreciative of her customer service! She is absolutely incredible. — Tonya T.
Excellent service. Answered all of my questions and faxed my information fast. Thank you, Globe Life. — Cheryl Lynn K.
I love Globe Life, they are just awesome! My family and I have been customers for a long time, and our experience has always been nice. Kudos to Edith and Claudia, both were just great! […] Keep up the GREAT work. — Sharon J.
I found you folks at Globe Life to be reasonable for me, and I’m sure for many other people, looking at some other insurance companies it’s good to find somebody like you who cares about people. Thank you. — Michael W.
The lady answered all my questions and was patient and informed. I got everything done in one sitting. — Dewanna B.
I had a problem with a couple of my policies for a few months. I kept putting off dealing with it because I knew I had to call and talk to someone. I have a stuttering problem and can't get the correct words out sometimes. The lady caught on quick to my problem and was extremely helpful and understanding. She was able to fix my issues and it ended up being not near as bad as I had imagined. — Jeff D.
Great customer service and very professional. I was able to keep my policies and get them current. Thank you so much. — Carla B.
Liberty National and their team is second to none and holds the bar to the highest standard. Liberty's sales team is always eager to answer questions, take phone calls, and help in every and any way possible. No matter what the claim or situation is, I have always seen Liberty's service and sales team go above and beyond. — Saginaw Township Detective
Very polite, explained all of the benefits and answered all my questions! Very professional! — Krystal S.
The team at this agency is not only extremely knowledgeable, but they also genuinely care about helping people and their community. They provide a valuable service to their community and are always there to help! — Jon L.
My over the phone assessment with Liberty National was quite a remarkable experience. My agent (Monique) went above and beyond to assure a comfortable, pleasant process. I look forward to many years ahead with this great company! Thanks! — Stephanie W.
A great place if you need affordable benefits that save you money on your business taxes, seriously. Keeps my employees happy, which makes me happy. — Morgan P.
My experience was wonderful from beginning to end with absolute professionalism. — Candace J.
I have all the policies on the elite level. Nice knowing if I never use the coverage I’ll get my money back. And if something happens, then I’m covered financially. Relieves some stress and gives me peace of mind knowing I’ll be okay if something does happen. — Joel C.
I was not too excited about needing to review my insurance, but when this young lady and her agents came in and started to speak I knew I was in good hands. I had no clue my beneficiaries were not who they needed to be. They helped me understand my type of coverage as well. Thank you Britney for all your help and your Hoover team. — Timmy B.
When I broke my collarbone, I was paid several thousand dollars from my accident plan with Family Heritage. The paperwork was easy and the money was deposited directly in my checking account shortly after filing my claim. I highly recommend Family Heritage products to everyone! — Mary Ellen P.
I have had a policy for going on eight years now. They are always very helpful and are able to answer any questions that I may have, whether that is an agent or someone at the office. I have had friends and family that have used these policies, and they said it worked exactly as advertised. I highly recommend these policies to family and friends. — Ian F.
I highly recommend Family Heritage to anyone! You have nothing to lose, after 25 years you get all of your premiums returned to you minus any claims! It is a win-win in my book. A bonus savings account! — Kristi C.
As a first responder, I have a very busy work schedule. Krisana went the extra mile in meeting with me to ensure that my family and I have the very best coverage that fits our budget. The benefits and coverage that Globe Life Family Heritage offers are unmatched. I highly recommend their company and using Krisana as an agent. — Marcus P.
Globe Life Family Heritage offers a quality insurance product. My agent was professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company. — Dawn L.
The program is a good layout for reasonable money to protect yourself against specific things. Easily explained and easier to understand. No pressure sales tactics. — Kelly C.
I've never had such a great experience with an insurance provider. The agent took the time to explain every single detail the policy offered and compared multiple policies with me over the phone to find the best fit. I highly recommend it. — Betsy U.
Very easy process with lots of options to fit your budget and lifestyle. — Deidra B.
Very proficient in the knowledge of what I was looking for. Best company for a reasonable price. If you’re searching like I was, then it should stop here. Great company to call my family as that is how I was treated. — Theresa S.
I was introduced to Globe Life Family Heritage seven years ago, and feel my policy would provide much needed funds if I were to need them. I received an annual review recently where the agent acted professionally and showed great knowledge of the products available. During this review, I purchased an additional policy to help with needed funds during a health event. I trust this company to provide exactly what is stated in my policies. Great company, I'll be with them for life! — Tina L.
Very friendly folks. They're all about helping the working man get affordable life insurance. The owner, Travis [M.], is very knowledgeable and so are all his staff. They have some of the greatest life insurance policies. If what you want is personal and friendly service and not the automatic and robotic services that most insurance companies provide, then I recommend AIL: Travis [M.] — Elais L.
Devin [F.] was a great representative for AIL. He is very informative, knowledgeable, and respectful. He is not a high pressure person and does what is right for the family and reviews things accurately. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of help with insurance in anyway. — Melissa M.
Have been a member of American Income Life for almost three years and have had a great experience with the company. Every year a member comes out to review my policy and help me with any changes I want to make. John came out yesterday and really helped me fully understand my policy. He answered all my questions and was very friendly! — Alexandria M.
I was able to sit down with John earlier this afternoon! I am a business owner and I love that AIL’s benefits were able to fill in the gaps in the benefits that I didn’t already have! I have term coverage but I love [the] fact that the program is permanent and love the investment built into my program! The fact that the program is a 100% tax write off for me at the end of the year was definitely the cherry on top! I would recommend these programs and union rates for everyone! — Billy G.
I love American Income. They have been with the unions for over 60 years now. Thank you guys for giving the protection needed for all the blue collar workers out there. — Ron
Anthony is an excellent representative for the company. Great customer service. He explained everything to me several times and made sure that by the end of our conversation, I was absolutely clear what I was getting. — Tarsha B.
Unbeatable customer service. Value was amazing. Not a sales pitch, just good people who care about you. Johnny [F.] treated my family like his own. As a young family, we weren’t very knowledgeable on our insurance options and he walked us through every bit of it with such patience. Would and WILL recommend to friends and coworkers! 10/10. — Meagan E.
Great products that actually benefit your family after you pass and while you’re alive. They are very helpful and very professional. The agents care about protecting your family and they are very attentive to questions. — Sari H.
Great service. Outstanding coverage with fair prices. Very professional an answered all my questions. My agent Reginald [F.] got me the best coverage for my income. — Lance G.
Extremely happy with the customer service we received when we met with Christy [M.] was very professional, answered any questions we had respectfully, and made sure we had appropriate coverage to get us started. It was a great experience and I never felt silly about asking a question. Thank you so much! — Jackie F.
Very professional review of my policies. Was able to update all information and plan for the ultimate future. — Vince M.
They are a great company to deal with and they offer very affordable benefits. Kate [N.] was super knowledgeable and friendly! 10/10 would recommend her to anyone. — Bradlee D.
I am so grateful I contacted this company for my life insurance coverage and I am super happy agent Giorgi [G.] was there to help me. He was attentive, sincere, and professional. Thank you again! — Milena B.
I've had insurance with this agency for about five years now and I must say that my personal experience was overall beyond satisfactory. My agent, Marcy [M.], treated me better than family and found the best policy option for me and my budget. If you need to find a premium without overpaying, National Income Life is the way to go. — Jaclyn R.
Awesome quality! Totally loved it! So important for everybody, no matter the age! I spoke with Giorgi [G.] who let me know what the company provides to hundreds of trade unions, associations, and individuals. This is a great job you are doing for protecting family in NY! — Nikoloz M.
As a member of Law Enforcement having long term financial security for your family and loved ones is paramount. I am appreciative and grateful for the care and responsiveness of Theodore Pappas Agencies and especially their representative Ms. Carmen [A.] as they have provided me with peace of mind for the future to come. — William E.
I must admit I was a bit skeptical about discussing my will need via videoconferencing but it was a pleasure meeting Melissa [C.] and David [F.]. They were both extremely professional, knowledgeable, informative and friendly. They answered all my questions and actually provided me with a better life insurance policy than my current coverage. I would highly recommend contacting Melissa and David for any of your will and life insurance needs. — Gloria A.
Jose [S.] was very detailed and made the experience easy! — Nick Bitter
Ms. Raven Franklin was great, she provided me with multiple options and was very detailed in explaining how this all works. This young lady knows her stuff, [and] brought my worries to a halt. I definitely recommend using this agency. You guys have an All Star on your team. Thank you Raven! — Nidia C.
I needed life insurance and was referred by a friend. Getting life insurance with National Income Life was the best thing I could have done. Julia [P.] is very professional, caring and friendly. I feel as if I’ve known her for years and I just met her last Thursday. Very nice representative for National Income Life. Extremely satisfied with her service. Thanks Julia [P.]! — Aniti W.