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Developing Industry Leaders Since 1900

You become a leader by learning the strategies and experiences from the successful and influential leaders before you. At our Leadership Academy, you are immediately immersed in learning time-tested lessons from legendary veterans and some of the most cutting-edge strategies for success our industry has to offer.

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Excellence in leadership and management education at Liberty National Academy requires a connection between learning in classroom and field environments to prepare leaders for significant contributions to our Company and their community. This program is designed for you to master each course before moving to the next one.

Attendees: Supervising AgentsPrerequisites: No prior classes required
  • February 17 - February 19, 2020
  • August 17 - August 19, 2020
  • November 16 - November 18, 2020

101: Fundamentals of Liberty Leadership

Rocket down the runway and prepare for takeoff. Course 101 launches future leaders toward success by covering the fundamentals of recruiting, training, and talent management.


  • General recruiting knowledge and skills
  • Power of personal recruiting
  • Interview process


  • Educating successful agents
  • Designing a structured training schedule
  • Coaching and leading new agents to bonus

Talent Management

  • Keep personalities from clashing
  • Use your agents’ strengths
  • Maximize your consumer base

Please note: You are required to obtain your Agency Owner’s approval prior to submitting the application for 101 and 201.

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Attendees: Agency Directors Prerequisites: 101
  • January 27 - January 28, 2020
  • July 20 - July 21, 2020
  • October 12 - October 13, 2020

201: Systematic Agency Building

Learn how to grow your business by focusing on recruiting and retention, effective classroom training, goal setting, and conflict management.

Recruiting and Retention

  • Recruiting for ownership
  • Recruiting and retaining successful agents

Effective Classroom Training

  • Training in a group setting
  • Structuring classroom training

Goal Setting

  • Setting achievable goals
  • Monitoring progress

Conflict Management

  • Maintaining the peace
  • Resolving disputes

Please note: You are required to obtain your Agency Owner’s approval prior to submitting the application for 101 and 201.

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Attendees: Invitation Only Prerequisites: 101 & 201
  • March 23 - March 24, 2020
  • September 14 - September 15, 2020

301: High Impact Leadership

Join the elite and achieve growth. We’ll teach you how to develop a winning culture, establish a system of accountability, and build strategies for the future.

Developing a Winning Culture

  • Building a winning culture
  • Coaching to win


  • Holding everyone accountable for their success
  • Creating a culture for quality

Strategy Building

  • Validating the dream
  • Purpose-driven leadership
Attendees: Agency Directors and Regional Agency Directors Prerequisites: 101 & 201 & 301

S.E.A.L: Systems Equipping Advanced Leadership

The SEAL Team course focuses on creating a successful recruiting system, improving time management, establishing and maintaining a culture of accountability, and developing future leaders.


  • Effective recruiting
  • Developing successful recruiting systems

Time Management

  • Creating a culture for leadership
  • Prioritizing responsibilities


  • Establishing a sense of urgency
  • Results through accountability

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